~sew seductiveeee~

Bro kisses all the time

I never could understand how women in the 50’s could feel completely content as full-time housewives. However, as I stand here in a vintage dress and heels with a glass of wine in my hand, vacuuming, I can definitely begin to see the perks of this lifestyle…

There’s a handful of people I’ve be introduced to through tumblr that I’d kill to meet/see again all within -6hrs of me. :c If only I weren’t too shy and had more money for gas. 

Cant sleep so instead I’ll listen to Tool and take uber flattering photos and probably a video..

Dad: Alcohol/Drug/Gambling addict with sever anger and anxiety issues whom I haven’t spoken to in ages and is god knows where.

Mom: Alcohol/Nicotine addict whom suffers from OCD/GAD/Panic Attack Disorder and is currently in the hospital because her lungs are failing after catching the common cold.

This is fuel on the fire to never let myself fall as hard as they have. I may have my own problems but be damned if I ever let myself suffer the way they are. They deserve better, and I do too.